Kids’ Pizza Tutorial Video

Kids just love our selection of home made pizzas on offer at our restaurant, so we thought we’d share some secrets with you.
Check out our dough instructions, and following video on making a home made pizza – perfect to make with the kids!

To make the dough:
Place 450g flour, teaspoon sugar,pinch of salt, 7g fast acting yeast, 300ml of warm water and a tablespoon of olive oil into a large bowl. Add the oil to the warm water and pour into the dry ingredients. Mix together to form a dough.

Turn the dough onto a floured surface and knead for about 7 to 10 minutes, until dough is smooth and elastic. This can be done in half the time by using dough hooks in an electric mixer. Return to bowl cover loosely with a tea towel. Leave in a warmish place to ‘prove’ until doubled in size. About 45 minutes to an hour.

Top Tip: For the tomato sauce, take a can of chopped tomatoes and blitz in a hand blender until smooth, and add your favourite herbs and spices.

Staff Profile – Adrian and Jack

Jack and Adrian Great food, atmosphere, wide selections on food and drink menus, party organisation and now….gigs! We’ve got a lot to offer our customers and list is getting bigger. We’re proud to announce that every second Saturday, we now host our very own musical duo – Adrian McCarthy and Jack Gallagher.

Adrian and Jack are both part of our kitchen team, and recently the two have got together to form a band, covering all styles of music which their own funky brand, with inspiration from bands like Thin Lizzy.

Starting out with us 8 years ago, Adrian has gone from strength to strength in our kitchen. Having started out on dishes and food preparation, Adrian has been a chef with us for the last two years. Jack on the other hand, has been a part of our team for two years, and is now starting our in our dessert section.

They will both be and will be starting out a culinary arts course in Killybegs next year.

We look forward to the two playing in our cosy W.B Yeats pub every second Saturday. With Jack on vocals and Adrian playing guitar, the pair create and easy going atmosphere and Jack for one is  eager to ‘have a laugh and see where it goes.’

As for their favourite part of being a kitchen team member, Adrian sums up ‘You learn so much – from not being able to cook anything, to cooking at home, and now the culinary arts course next year.’


Staff profile – Conor McCannon


Conor McCannonStudent, boxer, kickboxer and tag rugby player – our waiter Conor McCannon likes to keep busy! When he’s not at our restaurant working behind the bar or serving our customers, Conor loves keeping fit with a multitude of outlets.

Kickboxing since he was seven years old, Conor has two recent medals from the Megendo Federation of Kickboxing, in light contact and full contact. Conor also trains for boxing in Ballincarrow, and is an active member of the staff tag rugby team.

As for his education, Mark is in his second year of his degree in Social Studies from IT Sligo, and is enjoying the course so far.

In our restaurant, Conor is an enthusiastic and valued part of our staff team, where he fills a number of roles. You could find him serving drinks behind the bar, chatting to our customers while waiting tables, or busy delivering meals from our busy kitchen to customers.

He says the best part of working at our restaurant is the ‘social aspect of the job, and the fun we have at work!’


Nicky Byrne Show Prizewinner Pops In For A Visit

Recently, we sponsored part of the Wild Atlantic Way prize that Nicky Byrne gave to one lucky winner.

Nicky Byrne 2fm Wild Atlantic Way Prize Winners

Nicky Byrne 2fm Wild Atlantic Way Prize Winnners

Fáilte Ireland teamed up with the Nicky Byrne Show on RTÉ 2fm radio to give away a weekend of fun, food and activity along the West Coast of the Irish Wild Atlantic Way.

Caroline and her family got to sample the delights that Sligo has to offer, from the cosy accommodation of yeats Lodge, just around the corner from our restaurant, to the majestic walks and tours from Auriel of Seatrails, the adventure of Wild Atlantic Wheels, and the great food and hospitality we have here at Yeats Tavern and Davis’ Restaurant.

Having Caroline and her family here was a great experience, hearing about their West of Ireland adventure and showcasing what Sligo has to offer to the Wild Atlantic Way experience.

At Yeats Tavern and Davis’ Restaurant, we’re proud to be a part of the Wild Atlantic Way, and our staff are always happy to advise on local activities and points of interest. For our part, we love focusing on making our customers from home and abroad feel welcome, offering a great selection on our food and drinks menus and sourcing our produce locally wherever possible.


North Sligo Wild Atlantic Way Activities

Summer season is upon us! With the kids out of school and tourists flocking to our Emerald Isle there are so many things to do and see in Sligo. We’ve put together just a taster of the activities and places to visit along the Wild Atlantic Way in Sligo.

Sligo Wild Atlantic Way Benbulben MountainHistory

The grand historic Lissadell House is an example of Georgian House and has strong connections to the poet WB Yeats and Constance Markievicz, a key leader in the 1916 Easter Rising. With carefully tended private gardens, this expertly restored home offers tours, tea rooms and exhibitions to their visitors. Situated in stunning grounds, Lissadell House also sits atop the peaceful beach of the same name, where locals and tourists take advantage of the scenery and gentle waves all year round. With WB Yeats’ grave nearby, along with the Drumcliffe Tea House this area is a poetry lover’s dream.

Carrowmore Cemetary offers the chance to explore the megalithic past of Sligo.  This is the largest cemetery of megalithic tombs in Ireland and is also among the country’s oldest, with monuments ranging from five and a half thousand to six and a half thousand years old. Archaeologists have recorded over 60 tombs of which 30 are visible. A restored cottage houses an exhibition relating to the site. Visitors to the site have the chance to walk the site and visit the indoor exhibition area. The centre open to visitors from 3rd April to the 8th October 2014, daily 10.00 – 18.00.


Mullaghmore is full of great fishing and sailing opportunities, but you may not know that Scuba Diving is also on offer. At Off Shore Watersports in Mullaghmore taster sessions are offered to beginners in a pool or the ocean. It’s the perfect way to discover unknown worlds, make new friends, and enjoy a unique passion. There’s nothing like it. Scuba Diving is much easier than you might think! Be ready to enjoy a new challenge and dive into a new underwater world! A competent, professionally trained PADI Divemaster will teach you everything you need to know. Under his guidance you will learn all required skills and become completely comfortable with the equipment you’re using during your first underwater adventure.

SUP For All is adventure packed activity is a great way for the whole family (and even pets!) to explore the waterways of Sligo, with expert guides and tutors. Stand Up Paddle boarding is less weather dependant than other water sports as there is no requirements for waves and can be enjoyed by novices and experts alike. This activity is the ideal way to take in the great Sligo scenery along our part of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Seatrails walks are another unique way to explore the Sligo coastal landscape. Guide Auriel Robinson hikes with visitors around many locations in Sligo – from the Inishmuray Island Walk to the Streedagh Spanish Armada Walk. Guided through these walks, you’ll also have the chance to hear the local histories and legends surrounding the areas from anywhere between a few hours, half days or full days. This is a great activity that can be tailored to any age, fitness level or area of interest.


Yeats Tavern Troopers Tag Rugby Team

Staff at Yeats Tavern aren’t ones to take it easy in the restaurant or out! With an active Tag Rugby team, the Yeats Tavern Troopers have their sights set on the prize, after a hugely successful last year.

Yeats Tavern Troopers

Some of the Yeats Tavern Troopers Team with their Conference League Cup

The hugely successful team was started off two years ago by barman and rugby player, Michael McMorrow, who led the team to win first place in the Conference League when they first joined IRFU Tag Rugby.

Tag rugby is all about the fun and the Yeats Tavern Trooper embrace that with all their games, recently playing in fancy dress to the theme of ‘Nerds’. Aoife Clancy, waitress and recent graduate with a degree in Human Nutrition now keeps the team of twelve organised with training sessions and hopes to win again in their new division – Division 1. The team is made up mostly of staff members of Yeats Tavern but is open to anyone with an interest in tag rugby, once there is availability.

The schedule for Tag Rugby keeps the team on their toes, training Tuesday evenings and matches on Thursdays, but our dedicated staff and team players love every minute. Mark Gilroy, working on food preparation in our kitchen and tag rugby team member loves the ‘social aspect and keeping fit for the summer’, and Aoife, team captain enjoys the chance to ‘socialise with the staff and the great exercise opportunity’ of tag rugby.

In photo, from left to right: Mark Gilroy, Aoife Clancy, Keelin Goonan, Eimear Cullen and Roman Maslej

Also on the team are: Chris Flanagan, Conor McCannon, Jonny Wolf, Gemma Parsons, Aaron Spring, Catriona Bellew, Amy Gilroy, Aaron Donnolan and Aislinn White


Jameson Whiskey Tasting Menu

Jameson Whiskey has long been a favourite of whiskey lovers and is renowned for its superior quality and attention to the subtleties of taste and fragrance.

Colin Noone at the Jameson Whiskey Display

Barman Colin Noone at the Jameson Whiskey Display

As a long standing distiller of Irish Whiskey since 1825, Jameson has come to be for many the definition of quality. Being a distiller of Irish Whiskey, Jameson age all their whiskies in wood barrels for at least 3 years, and all their whiskey is distilled and matured here in Ireland, as well as being distilled three times to create a smooth and balanced spirit.

Our new Jameson Whiskey tasting menu offers the chance to taste and compare some of three of the Jameson Whiskey favourites: the triple distilled Jameson, the Black Barrel select reserve and the Gold Reserve. All three are a carefully balanced combination blend of pot still whiskey and grain whiskey, each with its own distinctive character.

Whiskey Blends

Pot Still Whiskey is made from a blend of malted and unmalted barley, made in traditional copper pots, and produced in a single distillery. Grain whiskey on the other hand is a combination of maize and malted barley. A combination of these methods is used to create Jameson Whiskey to varying degrees.


When tasting whiskies, it is important to note the fragrance, taste and finish of the spirit. The fragrance, or ‘nose’ can range complex or simple, sharp or mellow, even from light to rich. Using a splash of water in your tasting can help in bring forth the array of fragrances. A good whiskey will often invoke a range of tastes also, from nutty to spicy honey or dark chocolate. The finish refers to the flavour that remains on the tongue, which can be different from the initial taste, and is generally described in terms such as sweet, dry or smooth.

Our Jameson Whiskey tasting menu is now available in our Yeats Tavern bar for our customers to test and enjoy!


Jameson Whiskey Tasting Trio

Our Jameson Whiskey Tasting Trio


Kids Summer Kitchen Activities

Are your kids finished with school for the summer? Do you need activities to help keep them entertained throughout the day? The summer months are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your children, get them helping out around the house, and teaching them about food and cooking. Whatever age your kids are, there is something they can do to help put the meals on the table, and lots they can learn about good homemade food.Kids summer kitchen activities

Supervision is needed in the kitchen at all times, especially with younger children, and any danger points should be noted and and avoided. Pot handles, hot surfaces, sharp implements should all be kept a safe distance away from toddlers and young children, however as they grow, they can take on more responsibility

Very young children from 2 – 3 years old may be limited in what they can do in the kitchen, but this is a great stage to get them interested in fresh food and new tastes, as well as helping with vocabulary. Toddlers can help out by:

  • washing fruit and veg
  • sprinkling surfaces with flour or helping with icing sugar
  • stirring dry ingredients with help

Young children
As well as the above tasks, young children from 3 – 5 years can take on slightly more complicated responsibilities, again with supervision.

  • Weighing ingredients by pouring or spooning ingredients into scales
  • Using a plastic knives to cut soft ingredients – mushrooms, strawberries etc
  • Tearing lettuce leaves for salads
  • Rolling, shaping and cutting dough with plastic cutters and kid sized utensils
  • Spreading ingredients like butter, jam etc
  • Helping to set the table – make sure that cupboards and utensils are safe to reach
  • Wiping down surfaces
  • Washing small dishes and cups in warm water

Children from 5 – 7
As your kids get older they can get more involved with making meals and preparation. Along with all the tasks listed above, 5 – 7 year olds can start with knife skills and the clean up.

  • Cutting using a small knife or scissors can be taught at this age, just make sure you show them how to use a small knife carefully, keeping fingertips tucked away. They can also use small kid sized scissors to cut portions of herbs. Remember to show kids how to cut on a flat surface, and always use the flattest side of whatever ingredients they are cutting.
  • Grating vegetables and cheese – graters with built in containers are great for kids and help reduce mess.
  • As kids learn basic maths, measuring ingredients is a great way to keep these skills up during the summer months
  • Greasing and lining cake tins and trays
  • Helping to load and unload dishwashers with supervision – beware hot surfaces

Children from 8 – 11
At this stage, children can take a more active role in meal preparation and planning and should have basic knowledge of food preparation.

  • Opening cans
  • Making salads
  • Using a peeler to prepare fruit and vegetables
  • Choosing and helping to plan meals
  • Following a simple recipe
  • Finding ingredients in cupboards, and putting away groceries
  • Using heat on a hob, oven and microwave with supervision

Children 11 +
Children at this age, while taking on the above tasks can become more independent in the kitchen. From 11 years on, kids can plan and follow recipes and with minimal supervision cook meals for themselves and the family.


Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] /

Local Summer Festivals

It’s summer and the sun is definitely shining! Are your kids free from school, or are you looking for something fun this summer? Look no further – Davis’ Restaurant @ Yeats Tavern have put together a list of fun music and family festivals and events happening over the next few months! 

Sligo Loves Live Music festival is a free outdoor music festival to be held across Sligo Town on Saturday 21st JuneBilled as a celebration of Sligo music, this one day festival brings together the efforts of Music Generation Sligo, Sligo Arts Service, Sligo Live, Sligo Music, The Italian Quarter, Cairde Arts Festival, Furey’s Bar, Chapters and Ocean FM. Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann  will launch their programme with a big concert in the Sligo Park Hotel featuring several all-Ireland winning Céílí Bands.Furey’s Bar feature a full night of music commencing with their weekly 8pm early evening session. Love:Live Music Busking event will also take place from 2-5pm on Rockwood Parade and JFK Parade on Sat, June 21st and welcomes acts from across the country.

In Humbert’s Footsteps, Ballina 2014 In Humbert’s Footsteps is an historical re-enactment of the opening events of French General Jean Joseph Amable Humbert’s military campaign in Mayo, in August, 1798, the year since known as Bliain na bhFrancach –‘The Year of the French”. Events will take place Wednesday 25th June to Sunday 29th June 2014. The festival will see some great events such as Torchlight arrival of General Humbert’s army in Ballina by Bóthar na Sop and a chance to Meet the British Redcoats, the Irish Rebel Pikemen and General Humbert’s Blue-Clad French  and experience what life was like for a soldier in 1798.

Sea Sessions is back in Bundoran this year, with a great line up from the 27th – 29th June. The strictly over 18’s music festival features teen heart-throbs The Strypes, beat boxing powerhouse Beardyman and hugely popular Sligo acoustic bluegrass and folk band, Rackhouse Pilfer, among many many others.

Ballintogher Gooseberry Fair Day has a range of events and exhibitions to appeal to all the family. With mechanical exhibitions such as Vintage Cars, Vintage Farm Machinery, Honda 50′s, Fire engine from past days,  and workshops like Spud Picking, Turf Footing, Butter making, How to make Poxty, the 12th July in Ballintogher is set to entertain everyone. Other events on the day include Gooseberry Sheep Derby, Sheep Shearing (no electrics here), Zorro balls and a Rodeo Bull, Gladiator games and specially for the kids will be a Teddy bear picnic and pet farm. Stalls from local producers will be  selling a wide range of products and of course Live Music on the featuring The Quakers, Leo Taffe, Con Kelly, jesse Conlon, Kayleigh Gallagher, Niamh Clance, Aontas and more.

Image courtesy of [Keerati] /


Our Favourite Summer Barbeque Foods

Summer is officially here – we’ve got the sunshine and blue skies! But it’s still Ireland, so we better make the most of the summer weather while we have it. At Yeats Tavern restaurant, we’ve got the best recipes to share with you, for your perfect barbeque party.

Our recipes are quick and easy to make on your barbeque at home, and more importantly, they taste great, will help add to a great summer and make the most of our unpredictable weather!

Hawaiian Beef Burgers

Beef sliders are great fun to make and eat!

Select fresh lean burgers from your butchers, and place on a heated and prepared barbeque grill. Cook for about 5 mins on each side. About halfway through cooking time, grill a pineapple slice per burger, and turn regularly. Add bread baps to the grill to toast.

Once everything is cooked and toasted, place burgers in the baps, and top with the pineapples and slice of cheddar cheese.

Lime Chicken Curry kebabs

Try these kebabs for a zingy and delicious treat that’s easy to make.

Chop chicken breasts into bite sized pieces, then make a marinade using a mix of a handful of fresh mint and coriander, 2 red chilies, 2 garlic cloves and lime juice mixed in a food processor,then mix in a little olive oil to loosen. Cover the chicken with the marinade and let rest for 1 hour.

Chop a selection of vegetables – courgette stips, peppers and onions. Skewer the chicken with the vegetables. (Remember to soak your wooden skewers in water for 20 minutes before using to avoid splinters!)

Place skewers on a hot grill, and barbeque for 5 – 7 mins turning regularly, or until chicken is cooked through.

Salmon Salad with Wedges and Green Pesto

This is a nice, light alternative to traditional barbeque foods.

To make the pesto, pulse 3 handfuls of basil, a half clove of garlic, 1 handful of toasted pine nuts in a food processor, until thoroughly mixed. Then place in a bowl, and add grated Parmesan and olive until you are happy with the flavour.

For the potato wedges, cut 2-3 potatoes into wedge shapes, spray with an olive oil and sprinkle with dried chili flakes and rosemary. Place in the oven on a medium to high heat for about 45 mins.

For the salad, layer baby salad leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, smoked salmon, and the potato wedges. Serve pesto to the side and enjoy!


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