Jameson Whiskey Tasting Menu

Jameson Whiskey has long been a favourite of whiskey lovers and is renowned for its superior quality and attention to the subtleties of taste and fragrance.

Colin Noone at the Jameson Whiskey Display

Barman Colin Noone at the Jameson Whiskey Display

As a long standing distiller of Irish Whiskey since 1825, Jameson has come to be for many the definition of quality. Being a distiller of Irish Whiskey, Jameson age all their whiskies in wood barrels for at least 3 years, and all their whiskey is distilled and matured here in Ireland, as well as being distilled three times to create a smooth and balanced spirit.

Our new Jameson Whiskey tasting menu offers the chance to taste and compare some of three of the Jameson Whiskey favourites: the triple distilled Jameson, the Black Barrel select reserve and the Gold Reserve. All three are a carefully balanced combination blend of pot still whiskey and grain whiskey, each with its own distinctive character.

Whiskey Blends

Pot Still Whiskey is made from a blend of malted and unmalted barley, made in traditional copper pots, and produced in a single distillery. Grain whiskey on the other hand is a combination of maize and malted barley. A combination of these methods is used to create Jameson Whiskey to varying degrees.


When tasting whiskies, it is important to note the fragrance, taste and finish of the spirit. The fragrance, or ‘nose’ can range complex or simple, sharp or mellow, even from light to rich. Using a splash of water in your tasting can help in bring forth the array of fragrances. A good whiskey will often invoke a range of tastes also, from nutty to spicy honey or dark chocolate. The finish refers to the flavour that remains on the tongue, which can be different from the initial taste, and is generally described in terms such as sweet, dry or smooth.

Our Jameson Whiskey tasting menu is now available in our Yeats Tavern bar for our customers to test and enjoy!


Jameson Whiskey Tasting Trio

Our Jameson Whiskey Tasting Trio


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