Our Drinks Menus – From Craft Beers to Cocktails

Our drinks menu is extensive, and covers everything from wines, cocktails, whiskey and craft beers. So we’ve put together this article to keep you up to date on some of the unique and intriguing drinks we have on offer at Yeats Tavern @ Davis’s Restaurant.

One of our delicious cocktails


Our cocktail menu features some old favourites from ‘Seaside Scandal’ to Cosmopolitans, as well as interesting desserts cocktail, our expert bar staff are keen to show off their mixology skills and often create new cocktails. Their skills and experience mean that we often serve cocktails which are unique to our bar and restaurant!  (See our new digi dish next month!)

We are constantly refreshing our wine list, from house wines served by the glass to wines served by the bottle. These wines are hand picked by our staff to ensure a refreshing and up to date choice for our customers, and to ensure the very best in quality beverages.

We also stock a range of craft and local beers in our bar and restaurant. These beers, along with the more ubiquitous beers make up our wide reaching beer selection, and are also hand picked for their quality.

Finally, we also stock an interesting whiskey menu, complete with a whiskey tasting package. This is the newest addition to our drinks menu and we look forward to serving this to our customers, and getting your feedback.


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