Seasonal Lamb Recipes

Lamb may the favourite for a hearty Easter meal, but all spring lamb is a beautifully tender and versatile meat. We’ve got a few tips in store for you, to get the very most of your seasonal lamb cuts for fun and easy family meals.

Our beautiful rack of lamb dish

Our very favourite is the traditional lamb stew, which we feature on our menu. With fresh and seasonal vegetables, this lamb dish is a favourite every time. Try using fresh mint and parsley to really bring out the flavour of you lamb. Our rack of lamb dish is a huge seasonal favourite with customers, and our Sunday lunch menu wouldn’t be complete without local seasonal lamb from Gerry Burns butchers in Grange.

Lamb is so versatile, so why not try mixing it up this spring and summer to really make the most of great food and weather we’re having?!

Lamb burgers are a delicious, fun and super easy family dinner. Just divide your lamb mince into burger shapes, then pat all over with a mix of salt, pepper, paprika, cumin seeds and ground coriander, and sprinkle with olive oil. Then they’re ready for the barbeque, or the grill. Adjust the spice seasoning for kids, by reducing the spice, and adding rosemary or thyme.

Serve your lamb burgers with natural yoghurt mixed with mint (from a jar is fine) for a great burger accompaniment.

Super Secret Tip: Season your stewing lamb to your taste with by coating with fresh herbs, and seal flavours in a hot pan, before transferring to your casserole dish – this saves coating time, and locks in all that lovely lamb n’ mint flavour!

Spring Starter Tips

This Spring, we’ve got some great Spring recipes to share with you all. All this month, we’ll be giving our tips for great traditional seasonal meals, for you all to make at home. As a family centred restaurant, all of us at Davis’ Restaurant and Yeats Tavern know that Easter and spring is a special time for families, and that food plays a big role in bringing people together!

With summer vegetables in season, you should stock up now to get the most nutrition and goodness from our Irish vegetables. One great way of packing nutrition into meals is by making hearty, wholesome soups. Great for planning ahead, most soups can be made ahead of time, and stored in a fridge or freezer, ready for the next day.

Let’s start off this week with our tips for your family’s easy Spring starters.


Spicy carrot soups are a great family pleasing course. Spice levels can be adjusted to suit tastes to make everyone happy, and optional crème fraiche can also be served to add flavour. Red lentils really complement most carrot soups and add to the texture of the dish.


Yeats Tavern Chicken Salad

Quick and easy to make, salads pack a punch, and have endless variety. If you want to keep things quick and simple, stick to salads which require only preparation and no cooking time.

Fresh lettuce, rocket, pine nuts, olives, goats cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, chickpeas are all great tasting and readily available ingredients for salads. However – be careful with the dressings you choose to accompany your salad dishes this Easter. Dressings are easily made at home, and can be experimented with, allowing you the perfect dressing for your taste. Try the following dressing, and feel free to experiment with quantities according to taste.

Honey and Mustard Dressing: Two tablespoons of Dijon mustard, two tablespoons of honey, a little pepper, a splash of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice make up a wonderful dressing, fit for an Easter meal. Mix ingredients together in a bowl, and combine thoroughly, then chill until you serve.


If you want to keep your starters light and easy, try some simple finger food and assemble a dish of appetizers together. Appetisers are a good way to get people mingling or out enjoying the fleeting sunshine. Kids will love the finger food, and grown ups can mingle and relax with strategically placed appetizers.

Bruschetta is a quick and simple crowd pleasing appetizer – simply brush a sliced baguette with olive oil, toast on a medium heat for 5 minutes, then layer on freshly quartered cherry tomatoes, crushed garlic, oregano and pesto. Toast on medium heat for another two to three minutes, then divide into halves to serve.

See our Salad and Sandwich menu for delicious meals available in our restaurants, and don’t forget that our lunch menu changes everyday with new specials, so visit us to see our latest dishes!


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Make Occasions Special at Davis’ Yeats Tavern Restaurant

At Davis Restaurant and Yeats Tavern we specialise in catering for your special occasions in our restaurant, and want to make your events enjoyable and memorable. We have a strong history in catering for birthdays, hen parties, first holy communions, confirmations and many more events for families and friends here at Yeats Tavern in Sligo. As one the long standing Sligo restaurants we care about our customer service, and our range of services reflect the effort we put into ensuring your enjoyment, whatever your special occasion.

Fish Tank at Yeats Tavern

Your family special occasions and national holidays are treated as celebrations here at Yeats Tavern Restaurant. Our award
winning friendly staff work hard to accommodate you, whatever your needs may be. Our bar and restaurant is spacious, with four different sections, all catering to different needs. With WB Yeat’s Bar tucked away in a quiet corner, perfect for a quiet drink and a chat, our terrace facing section which allows light to stream in, the more traditional restaurant section, and our reserved dining section, we have the space to accommodate all tastes and events.

With wide ranging menus, there is lots of choice – from our changing lunch menus to sandwiches and salads, al la carte menu, kids and pizza and dessert menus, no one will go hungry here! Our selection of set menus also allow for group dining for large events and gatherings. All of our menus also feature gluten free options

As a family friendly restaurant, we care about keeping the kids happy. Colouring paper and crayons are available, and kids are love our fish tank, where they can learn about the fish that live there. Our kids menu caters for toddlers to older children, with starters, main and desserts and features dishes like pasta, curry, roast chicken, sirloin steak, choice of fish and of course vegetables.


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